Friday, April 24, 2009

$8.95 For a Package of Two Drinking Birds! Sign My Ass Up, Motherfuckers!

Link to poopular Blue Light Drinking Bird Special! [I'm letting that typo stand. It was too great to fix!]:

My brother had a drinky birdy. We used to fight over it. I forgot about them, until I saw this FABULOUS DEAL. Now, your ass can afford two drinking birds--one for each kiddie--and nobody will have to fight over that shit.

My ass is a drinky birdy, too. Just sit me in front of a glass of red wine, and watch me drink that shit up. Maybe I will change my blogging name to Sarcastic Drinky Birdy.

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fatal flaw said...

Drinky Birdie
Drinky Broad