Friday, April 24, 2009

Dlisted Post About Susan Boyle

This post by Michael (God of All Bloggers) over at Dlisted about Susan Boyle made me laugh.

Link to Dlisted post:


Sheria said...

thanks for the link, the post made me laugh and Susan looks marvelous, darling, just marvelous!

Sheria said...

P.S. Of course Jack the Ripper is the best serial killer. He managed to never get caught. The other three were sloppy and are all unwilling guests of the state. Does Manson even count? His followers did a lot of the killing under his command. I like my serial killers to be more hands on. Did I ever tell you that I'm nuts?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

So far my Moms and you are the only ones to have hit on the fact that Jack was the only successful murderer. Very good point indeed.

I just have a certain fondness(?) for Manson, because I grew up with the stories of that murder abounding. He makes me a little sentimental. Ha!