Friday, April 24, 2009

This Isn't Nice

And you know how much it worries me to be perceived as not nice! Yeah, right.

Anyhoo, SB's ass is hungover and tired today, and I'm a gonna say it--Beyonce's dumb fat ass drives me nuts. That ho is everywhere! You can't escape her. And the fact that this is so, makes me realize that Grandma Heeter was right--hell is right here on Earth.

[Caption: Beyonce's fat ass needs to lay off the fucking Fritos!]

I think I would vote Beyonce's fat ass off the planet BEFORE Paris Hilton's skank ass, and that's saying something. Better, we could vote them BOTH OFF THE DAMN PLANET!

Frankly, I didn't enjoy seeing Beyonce rubbing her nasty fat booty all over Hugh Jackman at the damn Oscars this year. Hugh's my damn man, and I am just sure that Beyonce grosses him out with her big old butt. He probably wished one of the guy dancers would rub all over him instead. I can't be certain.

And don't you damn Beyonce fans be trying to leave nasty comments here. I've got the Comment Moderation turned on because of that imbecilic turd, Loving Christian Dave Gee, God love him.

This is a gay-friendly, Beyonce-hating blog, and fuck off if you don't like it. I don't need your damn readership, if you are a Beyonce fan! I'm not that damn desperate! I don't think. If my readership goes down too much, I may post something pro-Beyonce. I'm a whore for stats, people!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha
Ya could park ya bike in that butt
just shove a tyre straight into da crack.
Have a cool weekend
For some reason I really wanted to say Babe then..ermmm
Cool weekeend yeah.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Babe is okay, Nick, but I much prefer Broad. It's more Sinatran.
There, I just made up a new adjective in honor of Frank Sinatra, who I adore. Dude was cool.

You have a good weekend, too, my brother!

Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

Ya a broad
So ya broad have a coolun yup

Sheria said...

Oh poo! Attention from the big girl camp--it's nice to see a woman who looks like she eats something other than lettuce in the spotlight. Not to worry, I like my friends to be sarcastic, crazy, and unable to recognize a nice ass when they see one. Don't whore yourself for me, I'll keep coming back because you make me laugh and I need all the laughs that I can get.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad to hear I make you laugh. Glad also that you will be coming back for more tortorous reading here.

I think I just get tired of Beyonce because she is everywhere these days. You make a good point about her not looking like she survives off of lettuce and that being a nice change. I guess I should leave her alone. I just need to vent sometimes. Ha.

I breathe, therefore, I rant!