Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Foster Wallace's Commencement Speech

I felt compelled to post the below link because Living Bipolar was able to say precisely what eluded me about the late great David Foster Wallace and his commencement speech, This Is Water. I am haunted by the juxtaposition of what Dave Wallace so eloquently said and the finality of the choice he made by hanging himself.

For those Sarcastic Bastard readers who have not yet read This Is Water, I am linking to my own previous entry containing the speech that Wallace gave at Kenyon College in its entirety. I feel like it's one of the most brilliant, illuminating, important pieces of life-advice I've ever read. It is Buddhist philosophy condensed. I hope you enjoy it.

I really miss Dave's presence in the world. He was a sweet, irreplaceable soul, and we are the less for his departure. He is one of the writers I carry with me. His writing has changed me for good.

[This post is especially for Nick because I think he will really get it.]

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Lou said...

I'm getting this my next Amazon order. I actually read that piece on your previous post, at a shrink's blog I read. She raved about it too.

Before that I had never heard of him!