Monday, April 13, 2009

Evil Dolls -- the Horror, the Horror!

If you are one of my regular readers, you know all about SB's weird doll phobia. I think dolls (& mannequins) are creepy as hell. I just know the mannequins are talking about me when I'm in a store--they talk with damn telepathy, people--just because your dumb ass can't hear them doesn't mean it's not occurring!

I don't even like to sleep with any kind of doll in the room with me. Take the Cher doll, for instance. The Moms had to put her out under the Christmas tree, or my ass refused to sleep in my bedroom, the Christmas that Santa brought her. See photo below and maybe your dumb impoverished ass will understand why.

You can imagine my horror at encountering the viddy below over at Dlisted. I may have to get all of my stepdaughter's damn dolls out of the house before I can get some shut-eye tonight! This is one of the grossest things I have EVER seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

Leech Women Tribute *PUPPET MASTER* - video powered by Metacafe

This clip really gives SB the yucks! My stomach actually feels queasy. Evil dolls!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention I also have a thing about doll hair? My appetite goes away if I so much as see a doll on a commercial while I am eating. It just totally gags me. [There is a story here, but we're not sharing that one today.]

IDEA: Maybe I should start carrying a doll around all the time so I can finally lose that stubborn 20 pounds!

I could write a book: The New Doll Diet. It could be a bestseller, people! I don't need your damn negativity. I have enough of my own.

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Lou said...

Hi, thanks for the follow on my blog. True to your theme, you do appear to be a SB. I think I like it...