Monday, April 20, 2009

Sporty Jesus (Dedicated to Beth)

SB's sister-in-law is a pretty strong Catholic of the best possible sort (unlike BURN IN HELL Dave Gee). For some fucking reason, Beth loves the Scary Jesus feature, so SB has created a new Jesus feature in her horror (oops--I meant "honor"--although horror may be more truthful). We'll call the new feature Sporty Jesus.

This week we have Jesus the footballer. He is setting a poor example for the kiddies because his lofty Ass refuses to wear a helmet. Also, the kid with the ball feels forced to just hand over the football to the Jeez, because who in Sam hell is going to be brave enough to score a point on the Son of God? But then again, who wears a damn dress and sandals to play football? Jesus looks like a sissy. He's asking for a beat down.


Beth said...

SB I love the Sporty Jesus! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I wouldn't mind if you had an entire line of Jesuses: sporty Jesus, casual Jesus, Formal Wear Jesus, Just-Kidding-Around Jesus, maybe even a Party Jesus. Let's face it SB, I am warped from once having to run an errand for a teacher in the CHURCH BASEMENT. You don't recover from that kind of horror.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The CHURCH BASEMENT? That shit IS creepy. Did you know the Alamo has a basement, too? Peewee Herman taught me that.