Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now this Shit Is Some 80's Hair, Motherfuckers

Here we have a prime example of BIG ASSED 80's hair, peeps. Fuck the Flock of Seagulls guy--Howard Jones had it going on. I saw Howard in concert multiple times. LOVE HIM. [If you happen to read this Howard, please leave a comment and update us on your life. No promises, but maybe we'll even rename this blog The Howard Jones Fan Spot in your honor.]

Also, I think we have the ultimate question here on this album cover, don't we? What Is Love? Damned if I know. [Did you ever find the answer to this, Howard? If so, help a bitch out and leave that in the comments section, too.]

Howard was always deep lyrically. His ass was singing about Gaia and shit and telling us not to live our lives for one day and all that. I heard that he is living a quieter life now and is a bigtime Buddhist chanter. So that's lovely.

I tried to do some chanting myself to improve my Karma, but Mercer wants to chant along and it sort of ruins the vibe. [If you have any suggestions on chanting with a cat, Howard, put them in the comments. The readers here would like to get to know you well.]


Anonymous said...

It me Anna, I posting this anon because I don't feel like logging in.

Anyhoo, I have the slightest clue of who this Howard Jones is, and now my curousity is peaked. I'm going to have to look him up.

Also, I so want to the Buddihist chants, and become full blowen buddihist lifestyle...maybe even reach Nirvana. (Without Heroin).

Love this blog.

Anna Grace

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hi darling Anna. Thanks for reading, my dear.

I think being a Buddhist can bring inner peace and joy and might be a great substitute for getting high.

I am currently struggling with stopping drinking. We all have our issues and addictions, don't we?

I have confidence that when you are ready, you will quit. Just be careful in the meantime, okay? I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.