Friday, January 22, 2010

Bella Puppini

I just dropped Puppini off for her spaying surgery. I feel like a total fucking Judas.


afk4life said...

Avoid trees and ropes.

Ms. Moon said...

Get over it. You'll all be happier. Plus? I'm going to kill a rooster this weekend. Well, I'm going to make Mr. Moon kill him and then I'm going to cook and eat him. So there. You're not killing and eating your pet, you're just extending her life.
I love you for your tender side. And your other side. And all your sides.
Love...Ms. Moon

The Dish said...

I know it sucks to be the one to drive them to that terrible place, but it really has to happen. If everyone would have it done you wouldn't feel the need for road trips and a house full of cats. But I love you.