Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Shit SB Says in Comments

I have to be honest--all that Goddess shit makes me want to throw up. I could never be a Wiccan.

[Go ahead Wiccans. Attack me in the comments section. My loins are girded.]


Mel said...

jeezus, you're fearless! I get all sweaty in the palms around comments from prickly or big ass chips on their shoulders types, I'm a blue ribbon conflict avoider wussy with anger management issues galore, so naturally you are my hero. Can't wait to see the fireworks.

I don't get the crystal/tarot stuff, but I'm a scientist, dammit. I only believe what I can measure and reproduce and prove. Real science is freaky enough for me.

The Dish said...

Oh, Wiccans. Did you read that YB is a wiccan. Freaky fucker.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

shit the only time i worship the goddess is when i drink way too much st. pauli girl. . . and then bow at her porcelain throne.


Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm Wiccan. It's nothing scary. We just give thanks for the seasons and the eight Sabbaticals of the year.
It's just different, and something that you have to work at to fully understand. I also read Tarot Cards and use a lot of crystals and semi-precious stones too.
Does that make me weird? No, I just have different thoughts from others, and Mother Nature being the most important.