Friday, January 29, 2010

This Is a MUST Read

Sheria is my dear friend and fellow blogger, and I found the post linked below so interesting to read. It is a co-post with Nance Meeker on the 50th anniversary of the sit-in by the Greensboro Four.

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Jeannie said...

Finally read Sheria's post. We didn't have many blacks in our area here so I'm pretty sure segregation wasn't considered. I have to say that in the 60's, when I became aware of what was going on, I didn't understand the racism going on. Still don't. What those young men did was remarkable though - going up against "the man" took incredible courage. Hard to believe now they could have been killed for sitting down for a coffee. I'm sure there's still people who would like to see segregation return.

Love your drunk story. Be proud.

And the Mormons must have made a spelling error because they are really Morons.