Friday, January 15, 2010

Shit SB Says

I once worked a golf outing when I was a bartender. All we did is ride around in the carts and hand beer out to the golfers. Of course we also drank the beer. My driver/fellow beer distributor was Jodi, who was sort of a grouchy bitch. I kept making Jodi's ass drive me up to the clubhouse to use the restrooms, because beer goes right through me. After several trips, Jody's ass got annoyed and asked, "Do you have a problem? Do you need me to get you some damn Depends?" That shit cracked me up.


The Dish said...

I have thought about buying some as beer does the same thing to me. But I think there is something wrong with a grow ass woman being to lazy to go take a piss!

Ms. Moon said...

I would have peed in the bushes. Are there bushes on a golf course? And you know, I've thought about how liberating wearing Depends might actually be.

May said...

That sounds like an awesome job. Tell me again why you quit being a bartender? Maybe you should move down here and tend bar. We have lots of bars! I'd come in and get a diet coke, just to jaw with you. Because I love you. I would also feed your menagerie if you had to take a trip. And make you peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars. Just sayin'.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

May May,
Do not tempt me. That all sounds pretty damn good to me, sistah, especially the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars. My fat ass loves to eat!

And I love you.