Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shit I Am Grateful For and Shit

In an effort to develop a little more positivity, I am starting a NEW SB Feature!, called Shit I Am Grateful For and Shit. You will understand the photo of Rick Springfield if your dumb ass reads on.

Today's shit list:

1) Toilet paper (I don't take that for granted too often because I think of the poor Rebel soldiers without.)

2) Tampons (These would be free if men needed them also. They are up to about seven dollars a box for the decent ones now, and that shit pisses me off, thus ruining my grateful mood.)

3) Wine

4) Not having to go to the eye surgeon today and sit with the old deaf AND blind bitch.

5) Seeing Rick Springfield in concert THREE fucking times! (I shut my hand in the Cadillac door on the way out of the concert hall and DIDN'T EVEN FEEL IT, just due to the sheer HIGH of being within spitting distance of the Rickster. Fucker's aura is magnetic. I still want to marry him and spawn his child. This would also get our Grouchy fucking Hardware Guy REALLY UPSET AND FUCKING AGITATED because he would have to change my last name AGAIN in the E-mail system here at work. If you have seen Grouchy Hardware Guy all worked up, you would understand the majesty of this.)

Okay, that's five. That's about all the damn positivity I can muster up for today.


The Dish said...

I was just talking about the tampon thing yesterday. They can charge whatever they want for them and we will still buy them. Bullshit, I tell ya.

Bethany said...

Good for you SB, great way to be positive.
SB + Rick S forever and ever.

Terena said...

Hooray for the magic that is Rick Springfield. Glad to hear from someone who even knows who he is!

Ms. Moon said...

Thank you for reminding us of our blessings.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Come back and join us often. We have a damn great time here.

Long live Rick Springfield! Laugh.

Best, SB.

Jennifer Rains said...

Sarcastic has a nice ring to it...what would you name the child spawn????

Love ya,

gingermagnolia said...

Did you see Rick Springfield in Californication? He was great (and a huge asshole, too).