Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Better Her than Me

My favorite bartender IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is named Joe. See photo above. Doesn't he have a nice face? Joe tends bar at Doc's on Tybee Island. Doc's is a little dark hole-in-the-wall bar (my favorite kind). If you want to know anything about Tybee Island history, or even Savannah proper, Joe and his regulars are your guys.

Last time I was in Doc's, and this was awhile back, Joe was telling me about a cabin he did some renovation on after a young lady committed suicide there, when her parents cut off her drug money. "Better her than me," Joe said truthfully and matter-of-factly. Since then, the Moms and I use that expression a lot. I love it. Very useful.

The other wonderful thing about Joe, besides the excellent service and good company, is that you can say, "Set 'em up, Joe," when you walk in and sit down. Perfect name for a bartender if you ask me.

If you go in, tip the shit out of Joe, and clean up after your damnself! Don't make Joe do it, motherscratchers.


The Dish said...

I have been there and loved it. My type of bar too!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

This is cool. It makes us family in the drink. Lucky you!

Love, SB.

Mel said...

Joe sounds like my kind of guy.

We say at least we still have our feet, it works in most situations.

My mom always says No sense grumbling, and I hate that, because I need to grumble.

Anyway, some day I hope to have a drink at Joes' bar. I'm an excellent tipper and very tidy, so you'd be proud. Once a waitress, always a waitress!

I wish half the thoughts out of my head were as interesting as your posts, and wish I had time to answer them all - sorry about the bad genes, I'm kinda pissed about my prospects too. Hope surgery goes easy peasy. Hang in there and keep bitching, and I will too!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words, Mel. I appreciate it, and I'll keep bitching, don't worry. As sure as the sun rises, my ass will bitch. Laugh.

Love, SB.

Jeannie said...

Nothin like a bartender named Joe. My favourite bartender is Terry. He's gay. But I never get out anyway. We don't have neighborhood type bars here. sigh