Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dumb Ass Christians: Battling Leviathon

Leviathon is a spirit I have battled as well. It was a hard battle but was won. It was about four months or more ago. My wife and I were in McDonalds and were having a conversation with an angel and Leviathon had come up. I told the angel that i wanted to fight this demon and he said I could. On the way back to the hotel I asked the angel if he could bring the demon to a predestinated place and he said yes. I figured that since Leviathon was from the depths of the sea he would be used to the cold water so I filled the tub up with scalding hot water and blessed the water. The angels (there were two now) brought Leviathon bound to the tub and fought with me. We all pulled our swords from our hips and began running this demon through with all my strength and everything I had. I would say it took atleast half an hour or more. We were all spent but the battle was won.


[Uhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, okay.]


Ms. Moon said...

They have medications for this.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I thought the same damn thing. Asshole needs help.



Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Hmm sounds lie a Friday night at my place

michelle said...

Yup. Dude definitely needs an anti-psychotic

The Dish said...

And I am the one in fucking therapy? Really.