Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shit SB Says

Miniature things are BIG FUN! I want to adopt a primordial dwarf, because then I could have a miniature person to dress and love AGAINST HIS/HER WILL. Why is it always more fun to love the unwilling? The Moms said she will sew clothes for her primordial grand kid. You could knit that motherfucker a blanket in no time. It wouldn't have to be a whole lot larger than a damn bath towel.

[SB is too damn lazy and busy to post much today, so I copied this comment that I left on Ms. Moon (my idol's) blog. If any of you motherfuckers know where I can adopt a primordial, please get back to me. Note: The sex of the PD is relatively unimportant. So is the age. I'll even take a geriatric dwarf. The eyes of love see no impairments.]


Syd said...

There used to be dwarf tossing in SC but it was outlawed. Maybe the out of work ones would like to be adopted. Check under Craig's list for Dwarf, primordial.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks Syd! I can always count on you, my brothah.

Love, SB.

The Dish said...

Dude, your MY hero. I want one too!

Ms. Moon said...

I would be happy with just a miniature donkey. I could find it a tiny sombrero.

miss alaineus said...

if it cant be found on craigslist, it's prolly not worth having.

search for a pd with an infant fetish and you might end up getting one hell of a partnership going...

ps that thing about the fridge, that was from cl too?


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Miss A.,
Yep. The fridge was from Craigslist. You can find ANYTHING on CL. ANYTHING.

Love you,