Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Kent State Tragedy

If you are from Ohio and of a certain age, the words Kent State inspire a sort of instantaneous and uncomfortable reaction, due to the student shootings that occurred there during Vietnam. For me, at least, the words evoke an immediate sense of heartbreak, much like the numbers 9/11.

The minute I saw the words Another Kent State Death this morning, I felt very sick. Much like the earlier deaths, this death is just plain senseless.

God bless Chris Kernich and his family.


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. I would say that was MURDER. Jesus.

nan said...

My brother lives in Kent. Stories like this make my heart sick. I just don't understand the disgusting mentality of some people. It's so sad that we live in a world where this can happen.

Petit fleur said...

So weird... As you know I have fam in Ohio, and for some reason my sis was talking about Kent State just the other day, and my breath stuck in my throat, just the way you describe. A sort of sickly feeling.

You honor so many of victims, otherwise forgotten by the masses in your posts. I think that's noble and good.
We love you SB

justme said...

So fucking senseless.