Friday, November 20, 2009

Craigslist May Not Be the Best Place to Try and Find a Date

hey whats up I saw you on craigslist

My name is Isaac, and I have a proposal for you. I just wanted to know if this is something that you would be open minded to do. It’s a complete shot in the dark but I thought I could ask anyways. what the hell you only live once.

I was wondering if you would be possibly open to rip farts on my head/face? I have a fetish where I actually get turned on hearing a guy or girl fart. It’s just a weird fetish that I’ve had my entire life. When i was a teenager i wrestled a lot, and my friends used to rip ass a lot and thats how it all started. My ex girl used to fart as well and that turned me on too.

I’m a real chill and down to earth guy. I’m only 25 years old, white.. I’m a pothead and stoner, completely harmless bro. im a real nice and honest guy. just trying to find someone who can fulfill my fetish.

I would be down to give you cash upfront if this is something you think you would be down to do. How much would you want? Do you fart a lot?

This isn’t anything sexual. . I just want your farts. im mostly str8, i dont talk or act gay, im one of those guys you can have a beer with. this is 100% serious and real. i just want to meet up and chill out.

i could easily get a hotel room near you, and we can chill out there, smoke, watch tv or a movie and whenever you gotta rip ass you just fart on my face thats it. its fn hard to find someone who farts a lot. i would be willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. i want to make sure your comfortable as possible as well.

i know it would be weird at first but once you get to know i dont think you will have a problem at all. i wouldnt want you to feel uncomfortable im too nice of a guy.

Please let me know if are interested. I have a pic I can send you. If your offended or not interested, thats no problem dude. Like I said it was a short in the dark. But if you fart a lot and want to make some money then I think it’s something you should definately consider. and dude if you fart a lot then we can easily do this like 2-3 times a month so if you need some recurring incomes then this would be perfect for you.

im actually mostly straight, love women. i dont associate myself with even being gay, i dont talk or act gay or anything. im pretty much a regular guy. except for the fact i got a weird fetish and i can get turned on hearing a girl or guy fart. thats ;pretty much it.

please let me know if your down for this and i can send you some pics.

Peace bro!


Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

the murky world of the hetrosexual rears it's head again.
God don't you just love em.
God say's...'well yes actually, I do love em, they are better than all them fags...after all I created farts so WTF..enjoy em'. abd there we have it God's offical position on
Me SB Im damned of course..GAY. GAY. GAY

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are not damned, you are my dear boy, and just let God try and damn you. Even His Holiness doesn't want to take SB on!

Besides, I'm going where you are. If you go to hell, we go.

Gay is GOOD. So says SB.

downtown guy said...

Where did you find this? I have a friend who may have just found his new career.

The Dish said...

I have been looking for legal ways to supplement my income. Maybe I should look this guy up.

Bethany said...

Is this real? This is crazy. But so hilarious. Don't you almost want to do it, farting for money! I should link this post to my brothers who are vegan and fart much too much. I wonder if they'd be interesting, considering he's not GAY or anything!

May said...

Okay. I know this is very weird and all (shit, I can't stop laughing), but seriously? If I could fart on command? I would be tempted to hit this brother up. That's some easy money! You wouldn't even have to get naked! I bet you could wear sweatpants or pjs or whatever! I mean, the guy can't exactly place too many demands on you! Besides, my farts smell like home-cookin'. I should get paid for that shit.

Sheria said...

So, how much do you think he's willing to pay?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I stole it off another site, but I don't remember which one, because I browse a lot.

Love you. Have a great week!


Syd said...

Craig's list has some seriously messed up people. A far fetish??? Seriously???