Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Have a Special Love for this Man, and I Am Deeply Indebted to Him

I love Timothy Treadwell. There, I've said it publicly, and I feel a whole lot better, although I'm not entirely sure why. Recently, I've been watching (for the second time) Tim's extraordinary film footage of his camps in Alaska and his beloved bears and his foxes, and I am always ALWAYS moved to tears. Such a beautiful gift to all of us. Tim's life was a gift.

There is something so moving about Timothy's childlike innocence and grace and his love and apprectiation for his life and his "children." Tim was a good steward and a sweet and gentle soul. I would have given my right arm to have shared a campfire and a cup of coffee with him. I find him fascinating. I know that, like me, like many of us, Tim struggled with the darkness and drugs and drink before he found his true calling. I'm so glad his bears saved him.

I find the focus on Tim's death understandable, but unfortunate. I have to say that I don't think Tim was crazy, and I certainly don't think he was stupid, in doing what he did. What Tim actually did with his life, giving all of us such an important and miraculously close look into the world of bears and other wild creatures, was such a precious offering. I am in awe of Tim's life work. It was a short life, but a very good life. I know Tim felt that way. He said so many times, and he knew very well the risks involved. He was simply willing.

Thank you Tim Treadwell. I love you. I hope there are bears wherever you are.


Jennifer Rains said...

I like this guy too. Cried watching that last film he made of himself...and I have to confess, loved that Steve Irwin guy too. These two guy died teaching us about the wonders of our natural world, showed us things we would never have seen. I hate when we loose the ones with good hearts.

Nice post,


The Dish said...

Ditto, Honey. I long to do something similar with my life. But lack the courage to figure out where to start...