Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deadline Wednesday

Blog Family,
I didn't want anybody to be concerned, but I won't be posting any further today, due to a fucking deadline here at work. If you're lonesome for SB, read some of my old archived shit. Actually, I think the first couple of months that I started the blog (last January and February) were some of my finest posts. I was finding my voice, motherfuckers! Or it was finding me.

I hope all of you have a great day.

Be back tomorrow at some point.

Love, SB.


Mel said...

Damn Deadlines. OK, I needed to catch up on your old posts anyway.
Hope nobody pisses you off today.

Ms. Moon said...

Will miss you. Will see you tomorrow.
Love from Florida...M

justme said...

Good luck on the deadline. Damn work interfering with blogging again ;-)

afk4life said...

Hope you make the deadline fine and the liquor store shortly after before it closes :/ Good luck.

The Dish said...

Will miss you but I am looking forward to digging through the archives!

Much love! Don't let work get you down.

Petit fleur said...

Good luck... You can do it! See you when you get back.
xo pf

michelle said...

Deadlines suck. See you tomorrow